AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-03-06Review uuid verification methodHEADmasterDavide Panarese
2018-11-03Update min tox version to 2.0Vieri
2018-01-23Fix missed variable rename 'object'mathieu
2017-11-14Add script for monitoring resource utilization of VMsAndrey Kurilin
2017-03-04Merge "Refactoring Neutron Orphan Scripts"Jenkins
2017-03-03Refactoring Neutron Orphan ScriptsRobert Putt
2017-02-21Remove compute_node_stats from list of tables to manageJake Yip
2016-11-01Fix typo in commentPierre Riteau
2016-09-17Merge "show all instance ip addresses"Jenkins
2016-09-17Merge "handle nova servers with spaces in the name"Jenkins
2016-07-14Add a queue cleaner that will clean selected queues onlyJoshua Harlow
2016-06-27Avoid passing backslashes in SQL snippetsSimon Leinen
2016-04-19show all instance ip addressesMarcus Furlong
2016-04-19handle nova servers with spaces in the nameMarcus Furlong
2016-02-17add dryrun and quiet optionsMarcus Furlong
2016-02-08Merge "Add a bash script to show CPU details"Jenkins
2016-02-08Add a bash script to show CPU detailsEdgar Magana
2016-02-05Change neutron agent states on boxes with ansibleMatt Fischer
2016-02-02Merge "Update README with details on how to contribute to curated repo."Jenkins
2016-02-01Region support for Neutron scriptsSimon Leinen
2016-02-01Update README with details on how to contribute to curated repo.Mike Dorman
2016-01-25Update aut-fix-quota tool for JunoPeter Jenkins
2016-01-19Fix tons of bashate issues for bug 1534660Peter Jenkins
2015-12-16Cleanup errors in shell scripts identified by bashateChristian Berendt
2015-11-11Address performance issues with scriptNick Jones
2015-10-15Merge "Add option for pt-archiver --nosafe-auto-increment flag"Jenkins
2015-10-15Merge "Support for archiving additional nova tables"Jenkins
2015-10-02Add a dry-run flag. Fix inconsistency with 'list' and 'delete' orphansKurt Payne
2015-09-30Merge "Initial commit of script"Jenkins
2015-09-30Initial commit of scriptNick Jones
2015-09-30bashate: do not check contrib directoryChristian Berendt
2015-09-29Add option for pt-archiver --nosafe-auto-increment flagMike Dorman
2015-09-29Add bashate test environment for shell scriptsChristian Berendt
2015-09-29Support for archiving additional nova tablesMike Dorman
2015-09-29Merge "Add options to specify credentials on db archive scripts"Jenkins
2015-09-29Merge "Add link to DreamCompute tools"Jenkins
2015-09-29Add .gitreview fileMike Dorman
2015-09-29Add link to DreamCompute toolsDavid Wahlstrom
2015-09-28Add options to specify credentials on db archive scriptsMike Dorman initial commitDavid Wahlstrom initial commitDavid Wahlstrom
2015-08-31Merge pull request #7 from matthewfischer/masterJoe Topjian
2015-08-31Add a simple ghost VM finderMatt Fischer
2015-03-24Merge pull request #6 from aaronorosen/masterMike Dorman
2015-03-24Add delete_orphan_floatingips scriptAaron Rosen
2015-03-24Merge pull request #5 from markvoelker/masterJoe Topjian
2015-03-24Add link to CERN ops toolsMark T. Voelker
2015-03-20Merge pull request #4 from simonmcc/quota-correctionMike Dorman
2015-03-20Scripts used to correct the quota databaseSimon McCartney
2015-03-18Merge pull request #3 from fifieldt/patch-1Stephen Jahl