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masterUpdate to what we are currently running in productionKris Lindgren3 years
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2016-02-03Update to what we are currently running in productionHEADmasterKris Lindgren
2016-02-01Update README with details on how to contribute to logging repo.Mike Dorman
2015-09-29Add .gitreview fileMike Dorman
2015-05-27Merge pull request #3 from markvoelker/masterMike Dorman
2015-05-27Add link to OpenStack Infra LogStash filtersMark T. Voelker
2015-01-06Merge pull request #2 from Chealion/logstash-dashboardsMike Dorman
2015-01-06Show examples from Cybera.Micheal Jones
2014-10-07Merge pull request #1 from misterdorm/gdJoe Topjian
2014-10-07Basic logstash and kibana dashboard configsMike Dorman
2014-08-28Initial commitCarl Perry