AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-01-30Merge "packages_tree: exact match trumps other providers"HEADnewton-eolstable/ocatamasterJenkins
2017-01-26packages_tree: exact match trumps other providersAlexandru Avadanii
2017-01-14deb_driver: logger: Fix formatting typoAlexandru Avadanii
2016-12-13Merge "clone: Create metadata for empty components"Jenkins
2016-12-13clone: Create metadata for empty componentsAlexandru Avadanii
2016-12-13Merge "AArch64 support: api, cli, controllers, drivers"Jenkins
2016-11-02deb_driver: Translate repository.architectureAlexandru Avadanii
2016-11-02AArch64 support: api, cli, controllers, driversAlexandru Avadanii
2016-08-03Add documentation for packetaryIvan Bogomazov
2016-07-05Merge "Allow to search mandatory packages in all forest"Jenkins
2016-07-05Allow to search mandatory packages in all forestSergey Kulanov
2016-07-05Added packaging driver to build RPM by using mockBulat Gaifullin
2016-07-01Merge "Added CLI for building packages"Jenkins
2016-06-30Merge "Fix createrepo workers racing"Jenkins
2016-06-27Added CLI for building packagesBulat Gaifullin
2016-06-27Merge "Introduced packaging API"Jenkins
2016-06-24Merge "Fixed handling http redirects"Jenkins
2016-06-22Introduced packaging APIBulat Gaifullin
2016-06-15Fixed handling http redirectsBulat Gaifullin
2016-06-15Moved repositorory drivers to dedicated namespaceBulat Gaifullin
2016-06-14[priority] Merge repos with the same prioritySergey Kulanov
2016-06-06Fix rpm package equality issueSergey Kulanov
2016-06-01[RPM] Use yum library for packages comparisonSergey Kulanov
2016-05-30[rpm] Handle the tilde separator in versioningSergey Kulanov
2016-05-26Fix rpm package provides/obsoletes relationsSergey Kulanov
2016-05-19Introduced new scheme to declare requirementsBulat Gaifullin
2016-05-19Align to global requirementsSergey Kulanov
2016-04-15Fix createrepo workers racingVladimir Kozhukalov
2016-03-10Merge "Fixed error-handling for input data validation"Jenkins
2016-03-09Fixed error-handling for input data validationBulat Gaifullin
2016-03-02RPM dirver: Extended provides with list of primary filesBulat Gaifullin
2016-03-01Made release argment of PackageVersion optionalBulat Gaifullin
2016-03-01Merge "Fixed retrieve groups.xml on merge repositories"Jenkins
2016-03-01Fixed retrieve groups.xml on merge repositoriesBulat Gaifullin
2016-02-25Merge "Copied groups index upon fork of repository"Jenkins
2016-02-24Copied groups index upon fork of repositoryBulat Gaifullin
2016-02-20Merge "Fixed building destination path on forking repository"Jenkins
2016-02-20Fixed building destination path on forking repositoryBulat Gaifullin
2016-02-20Add package filtering featureVladimir Kozhukalov
2016-02-09Increased version to 0.2.0.devBulat Gaifullin
2016-02-09Fixed invalid call signature for clone-command0.1.0Bulat Gaifullin
2016-02-05Implemented input data validationBulat Gaifullin
2016-02-02Ignore 404 error on dowloading release fileBulat Gaifullin
2016-02-01Merge "Fixed retries for HTTP Errors"Jenkins
2016-02-01Fixed retries for HTTP ErrorsBulat Gaifullin
2016-01-30Added command-line interface for create_repositoryBulat Gaifullin
2016-01-28Introduced API to build DEB and RPM repositoryBulat Gaifullin
2016-01-28Unify input data formatBulat Gaifullin
2016-01-22Adjust .gitreviewBulat Gaifullin
2015-12-29Updated file-headersBulat Gaifullin