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2017-08-29Remove cryptography from requirements.txtJavier Pena
2017-07-18Bump required version of pyOpenSSLAlfredo Moralejo
2017-02-13Do not require a nameserver to detect the local IP addressJavier Pena
2016-10-04Revert "Pin pycparser to 2.13"David Moreau Simard
2016-10-03Pin pycparser to 2.13Alfredo Moralejo
2016-09-21Use PBRAlan Pevec
2016-08-02Fix pep8 and py27 tests in Ubuntu XenialJavier Pena
2016-04-25Fix requirements when installing from sourceIvan Chavero
2015-05-27Refactor SSL setup to use CA to sign certificatesLukas Bezdicka
2015-03-30Single source of documentationMartin Mágr
2014-10-27Adds Hiera implementation within PackstackGael Chamoulaud
2013-07-29Correct CIDR values in case of invalid is givenMartin Magr