AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-11-02Update min tox version to 2.0HEADmasterVieri
2018-10-04Move Zuul job from global config into the projectIlya Shakhat
2016-08-26Cleanup tox.ini: Remove obsolete constraintsAndreas Jaeger
2016-04-19Kafka scenario for omsimulatorIlya Shakhat
2016-04-19Enhance omsimulator runnerIlya Shakhat
2016-04-01Disable daemon warning in atop moduleIlya Shakhat
2016-04-01Filter atop series inside the moduleIlya Shakhat
2016-03-29Enrich sysbench-oltp scenarioIlya Shakhat
2016-03-28Rename and unify MQ / RabbitMQ scenariosIlya Shakhat
2016-03-24Remove memory stats and optimize match operatorIlya Shakhat
2016-03-24Fixes to omsimulator scenarioIlya Shakhat
2016-03-24Run multiple omsimulator pairs on a single nodeIlya Shakhat
2016-03-23Add client_url and server_url to all scenariosIlya Shakhat
2016-03-23Allow separate URLs for omsimulator client and serverIlya Shakhat
2016-03-22Make MQ HA scenarios longerIlya Shakhat
2016-03-22Polish MQ HA scenarios and reportsIlya Shakhat
2016-03-21Improve sysbemch-oltp scenarioIlya Shakhat
2016-03-21Add MQ HA Notify scenarioIlya Shakhat
2016-03-21Fix yaml in chart definitionIlya Shakhat
2016-03-21Multicharts and failover reportsIlya Shakhat
2016-03-20Add info block into report toolkitIlya Shakhat
2016-03-17Limit number of hosts to 1 for HA testsIlya Shakhat
2016-03-17Throughput is sum of all processesIlya Shakhat
2016-03-17Add omsimulator HA testsIlya Shakhat
2016-03-17Add omsimulator multihost scenarioIlya Shakhat
2016-03-16Add scenario MQ/threadingIlya Shakhat
2016-03-14Parametrize scenario with variablesIlya Shakhat
2016-03-14Inject host count infoIlya Shakhat
2016-03-11Use Jinja as template engine for scenariosIlya Shakhat
2016-03-11Merge branch 'master' of Shakhat
2016-03-11Adapt omsimulator to the latest versionIlya Shakhat
2016-03-01Add documentation bitsIlya Shakhat
2016-02-29Rename OMSimulator reportIlya Shakhat
2016-02-29Add rabbit CPU consumption to omsimulator reportIlya Shakhat
2016-02-29Implement aggregation stageIlya Shakhat
2016-02-29Add OMSimulator noduleIlya Shakhat
2016-02-26Remove old and unused executorsIlya Shakhat
2016-02-26Refactor Ansible runnerIlya Shakhat
2016-02-26Store time-series data into MongoIlya Shakhat
2016-02-26Add atop module to collect system metricsIlya Shakhat
2016-02-25Turn executors into Ansible modulesIlya Shakhat
2016-02-19Multiple lines in chartsIlya Shakhat
2016-02-19Cleanup in tests folderIlya Shakhat
2016-02-19Allow to tag dataIlya Shakhat
2016-02-19Proof-of-conceptIlya Shakhat
2016-02-19Initial Cookiecutter Commit.Ilya Shakhat