AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
8 daysFix flavorsync issue during nova-powervc startupHEADmasterArun Mani
2019-02-07Custom properties are missing in the image details section.Punith Kenchappa
2018-07-25Replace glance V1 API calls to use V2 APIPunith Kenchappa
2018-03-09Fix build failurearunmani
2018-03-09Fix issue related to keystone version checkarunmani
2018-01-10Fix minor issues with the driver sync logicarunmani
2018-01-04Merge "Add mac address for PORT_UPDATE_FIELDS"Zuul
2017-12-15Add mac address for PORT_UPDATE_FIELDSZuo ZongMing
2017-12-15Fixed neutron misspellingZuo ZongMing
2017-11-13Revert "Modify incorrect method to translate error message"Arun Mani
2017-11-06Modify incorrect method to translate error messageguanzuoyu
2017-10-26Increase timeout to handle multiple heat stack deploysarunmani
2017-08-22Include project_id in QUOTAS.reserve callarunmani
2017-03-10Test review bug fixarunmani
2017-03-07Merge "Test demo"Jenkins
2017-03-07Test demoJerry Cai
2017-02-20Add support for scheduler hintsJerry Cai
2016-12-07Detach sync problem fixJerry Cai
2016-12-06sync driver problem for 1.3.xJerry Cai
2016-11-25Add support to pvc 131 and 132Jerry Cai
2016-09-28boot instance with server name case insensitiveJerry Cai
2016-08-01Remove setting first scg id to boot parameterJerry Cai
2016-02-16Fix for volume description(master)Jerry Cai
2016-01-27Change default spawn defer placement to TrueJerry Cai
2015-10-19ip locked causes boot failedQing Wu Wang
2015-10-19Git configuration verify for moving stackforge to openstack repositoryJerry Cai
2015-09-23Check host status that disable the host service if host is downJerry Cai
2015-09-17List all resources across different serviceJerry Cai
2015-09-11Cinder duplicated volume deletion due to potential time window issueJerry Cai
2015-09-09Catch quota reserve exception to avoid function breakJerry Cai
2015-09-09quotas are not updated from powervc sideJerry Cai
2015-09-03Volume sync and create/attach/detach implement for multiattach functionJerry Cai
2015-07-09[Fix]Quotas are not properly updated initially for on-boarded...Jerry Cai
2015-07-09Quotas are not properly updated initially for on-boarded VMs from PowerVCJerry Cai
2015-07-07Cinder duplicated volume sync due to potential time window issueJerry Cai
2015-06-29Fix neutron V2 No valid authentication is available problemJerry Cai
2015-06-15instance flavor need to map to 'cpus' instead of 'vcpus'Jerry Cai
2015-06-02Update nova driver due to API changedJerry Cai
2015-06-01Exclude non-bootable storage template from image-topologyterryyao
2015-05-28Merge "Block device mapping object mismatches with the latest community API"Jenkins
2015-05-22fix the neutron-powervc utility broken issueterryyao
2015-05-15Block device mapping object mismatches with the latest community APIJerry Cai
2015-05-09Using volume v2 client instead of v1 to get local volumeJerry Cai
2015-05-05Tempest failed due to openstack interface changedJerry Cai
2015-05-03vm update failed due to nova api removedJerry Cai
2015-05-02Glance service lacks v1 endpoint that fails the glance-powervc syncJerry Cai
2015-04-29Merge "Fix cinder detach interface change mismatch problem"Jenkins
2015-04-29Fix cinder detach interface change mismatch problemJerry Cai
2015-04-20Empty remove list will cause failure on glance syncJerry Cai
2015-04-02Fix cinder oslo_log updating from communityJerry Cai