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masterUse puppet true, which is lowercaseSpencer Krum4 years
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2015-06-04Use puppet true, which is lowercaseHEADmasterSpencer Krum
2015-06-01Add gitreviewSpencer Krum
2015-04-06Refactor tunnel.pp paramsRicardo Carrillo Cruz
2015-03-25Add user parameter to allow running the service as a non-root userRicardo Carrillo Cruz
2015-03-24Fix autossh command templateRicardo Carrillo Cruz
2015-03-24Rename module to gozerhp-autosshRicardo Carrillo Cruz
2015-03-24Add puppet manifests and templatesRicardo Carrillo Cruz
2015-03-24Add RakefileRicardo Carrillo Cruz
2015-03-24Add metadata.jsonRicardo Carrillo Cruz
2015-03-24Initial commitRicardo Carrillo Cruz