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2016-03-11spec: Add Unit-Test for designate rootwrap_config andalexey-mr
2015-09-24Merge "add designate_rootwrap_config in designate::config"Jenkins
2015-08-19Reflect provider change in puppet-openstacklibYanis Guenane
2015-08-12Rely on autorequire for config resource orderingYanis Guenane
2015-08-07add designate_rootwrap_config in designate::configXiaohua Yuan
2015-06-19Fix beaker on Trusty and update .gitreview fileJeremy Stanley
2014-09-24Add designate_api_paste_ini typeXingchao Yu
2014-07-22Hide secrets from puppet logsSebastien Badia
2013-09-25Init commit to do basic settingXingchao Yu