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2016-03-08Add glance multi/single store declaration examplesNate Potter
2013-06-07Prepare repository for a Puppet Forge releaseCody Herriges
2012-12-18site.pp overrides sql_connection for glance-api.conf alsoEoghan Glynn
2012-10-31switch single.pp to site.ppDan Bode
2012-10-14switch log_verbose,log_debug to debug,verboseDan Bode
2012-04-23Update glance tenantDan Bode
2012-04-23Set registry mysql connectionDan Bode
2012-04-23Update glance exampleDan Bode
2012-04-22Move mysql code to db::mysqlDan Bode
2012-04-11Make repo setup code Debian specificDan Bode
2012-04-06Add test code for glance with mysql backendDan Bode
2012-04-05Remove ref to deprecated keystone::sqliteDan Bode
2012-03-31Refactor example based on fragment reafactorDan Bode
2012-03-30Ensure repo stage is applied before main stageDan Bode
2012-03-30Add code to use latest ppasDan Bode
2012-03-29Update example site.ppDan Bode
2012-03-18Add an example fileDan Bode