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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-12-10Enable image import conversion & image output formatPranaliD
2018-11-14Added tag property for glance_image provider classDaniel Pawlik
2018-08-15Fix properties for glance_image providerTobias Urdin
2018-04-04Add proxy support to glance_image resourceTobias Urdin
2017-10-23Fix Puppet syntax in glance_image examplePierre Riteau
2017-10-11Use Keystone v3 credentialsyatin
2017-09-20Drop Glare service from puppet-glanceDenis Egorenko
2017-06-13Fix parsing of image propertiesEvgeny Antyshev
2017-01-18Add ploop to supported disk formatsEvgeny Antyshev
2017-01-04Don't use copy from but download the image locallyFlavio Percoco
2016-08-05Move Glance to new authtoken schemeDenis Egorenko
2016-07-20Fix typo in values for disk_formatAlexander Arzhanov
2016-05-25Add option id to glance_imageAlfredo Moralejo
2016-04-08Fix image list in glance_image providerJavier Pena
2016-04-04Add ability to set properties with glance_imageMichael Polenchuk
2016-03-22Add Glance Glare API serviceDenis Egorenko
2016-02-02Use glance-swift conf for swift backendDenis Egorenko
2016-01-25Add support for min ram and min diskgcmalloc
2015-11-12Make sure Facter is only executed on agentCody Herriges
2015-09-18glance_image: hardcode os-image-api-version to 1Emilien Macchi
2015-09-09Autorequire correct package based on the distroDan Prince
2015-08-19Reflect provider change in puppet-openstacklibYanis Guenane
2015-08-19Rely on autorequire for config resource orderingYanis Guenane
2015-08-11Append openstacklib/lib to load path for typeColleen Murphy
2015-06-29Use OpenstackClient for glance_image authColleen Murphy
2015-06-22Revert "glance provider: pick os_region_name from DEFAULT"Colleen Murphy
2015-04-24glance provider: pick os_region_name from DEFAULTEmilien Macchi
2015-04-17Revert "Revert "Fix os_region_name in provider""Colleen Murphy
2015-04-17Revert "Fix os_region_name in provider"Colleen Murphy
2015-04-16Fix os_region_name in providerJavier Pena
2015-04-10Change location to be a param, not a propertyColleen Murphy
2015-03-03Support identity_uri in providerJavier Pena
2014-12-19Fix is_public mungeJavier Pena
2014-11-27Correctly munge glance_image is_public propertyFrancois Deppierraz
2014-11-05Fix glance_image for local imagesJavier Pena
2014-10-09Run the `glance` CLI tool with appropriate region nameJan Kundrát
2014-10-01Update deprecated Glance CLIEmilien Macchi
2014-07-12Hide secrets from puppet logsStefano Zilli
2014-05-04Fixes wrong values in get_glance_image_attrsIvan Chavero
2014-04-30Fixed the Glance add_image parser for new clientChris Hoge
2014-03-17Update glance_image provider with API v2Emilien Macchi
2014-02-12Use remove_warnings from puppet-keystoneMartin Magr
2013-08-12Include iso as supported disk_formatPradeep Kilambi
2013-08-01Fix the glance_image type example so that it can actually be used.Robert Starmer
2013-07-29Remove --silient-upload option, which is invalidMark T. Voelker
2013-07-09Glance provider should retry once when service is not readyDan Bode
2013-06-14Check if auth_admin_prefix is definedSimon Sellar
2013-06-11Add support for auth_admin_prefix in glanceFrançois Charlier
2013-05-21Capitalize boolean values in config filesMathieu Gagné
2013-03-04changes required to support purgingDan Bode