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2016-08-25Move Heat to authtokenIury Gregory Melo Ferreira
2015-12-03Support of PyMySQL driver for MySQL backendJavier Pena
2015-03-02Add Puppet 4.x lint checksSebastien Badia
2013-12-30make auth_encryption_key a parameterFrançois Charlier
2013-09-09Remove heat::db classIan Wienand
2013-08-30Consolidate config into single fileIan Wienand
2013-06-09Update DB & example manifestÉmilien Macchi
2013-06-06Add common class in site.ppÉmilien Macchi
2013-06-03Fix a typo in site.ppÉmilien Macchi
2013-06-03Add an site.pp for exampleÉmilien Macchi