BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterKeyston Session can be used to instantiate clientSebastien Delisle22 months
0.0.6commit 6424eb419a...Sebastien Delisle22 months
0.0.5commit 8344d16ec9...Frédéric Guillot23 months
0.0.4commit 24c953399d...Frédéric Guillot23 months
0.0.3commit d5375664d9...Frédéric Guillot23 months
0.0.2commit 35f6d24920...Frédéric Guillot23 months
0.0.1commit 805e804fad...Frédéric Guillot23 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2017-06-29Keyston Session can be used to instantiate clientHEAD0.0.6masterSebastien Delisle
2017-06-02Improve docsFrédéric Guillot
2017-06-02Make end date optional for list-entities command0.0.5Frédéric Guillot
2017-05-31Fix wrong arguments to update instance entity0.0.4Frédéric Guillot
2017-05-30Fix package name to fetch version0.0.3Frédéric Guillot
2017-05-30Update requirements0.0.2Frédéric Guillot
2017-05-29Add delete volume command0.0.1Frédéric Guillot
2017-05-29Add requirements.txt for Read the docsFrédéric Guillot
2017-05-29Merge "Fetch token from Keystone if nothing is provided"Jenkins
2017-05-29Fetch token from Keystone if nothing is providedFrédéric Guillot