AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-08-17Merge "Change wait_for_boot method for node availability"HEADstable/newtonmasterJenkins
2017-08-17Change wait_for_boot method for node availabilityBen Cooper
2017-08-15Configurable virtualisationBenjamin Michael Cooper
2017-08-15Fix OpenStack dependenciesBenjamin Michael Cooper
2017-02-22Adopt stub webserver to new bareon deployemnet protocolDmitry Bogun
2017-02-02Renames api-url to ironic_api_url in pxe configAndrei V. Ostapenko
2017-02-02Increase controll over content of deployment configDmitry Bogun
2017-02-02Satisfy global dependency requirementsAndrii Ostapenko
2017-02-02Adds required dependency for pxelinux.0 > 4.xAndrei V. Ostapenko
2017-01-24Adds custom exceptionsAndrei V. Ostapenko
2017-01-05Extend environment toolsetDmitry Bogun
2017-01-05Do not fail if workdir is missing in teardown stageDmitry Bogun
2017-01-05Extend API providing image definitionDmitry Bogun
2017-01-05Add generation of cloud.cfgDmitry Bogun
2017-01-05Using predefined ssh key pair to access vmDmitry Bogun
2017-01-05Fix read_file and add write_file methods of Node classDmitry Bogun
2017-01-05Unmount image into teardown instead of teardonwclassDmitry Bogun
2017-01-05Replace pidof callDmitry Bogun
2017-01-05Remove template engine abstraction layerDmitry Bogun
2017-01-05Mixin for test casesDmitry Bogun
2016-12-23lxml - missing dependencyDmitry Bogun
2016-12-23Refactoring of stub webserverDmitry Bogun
2016-12-23Remove interference of config objectsDmitry Bogun
2016-03-16Initial commitMark Goddard
2016-02-18Added .gitreviewOpenStack Project Creator