AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-03-24Replace git:// URLs with https://HEADmasterIan Wienand
2017-08-02Remove README.mdAlina Nesterova
2017-06-14Remove participants for nightly and weekly jobsAlina Nesterova
2017-04-17Merge "Updating of swift storage size"Jenkins
2017-04-17Updating of swift storage sizeEvgeny Sikachev
2017-04-17Remove unused images from scriptsEvgeny Sikachev
2017-04-13Disabled voting for spark-2.1.0 jobEvgeny Sikachev
2017-04-10Adding image for spark form mitakaEvgeny Sikachev
2017-04-10Added gerrit-git-prep to sahara-ci repoEvgeny Sikachev
2017-04-10Merge "Restructured jobs for sahara-tests"Jenkins
2017-04-06Merge "Adding of spark 2.1.0 on sahara-ci"Jenkins
2017-04-06Restructured jobs for sahara-testsEvgeny Sikachev
2017-04-05Adding of spark 2.1.0 on sahara-ciEvgeny Sikachev
2017-04-05Merge "Storm 1.1.0 was added on sahara-ci"Jenkins
2017-04-05Storm 1.1.0 was added on sahara-ciEvgeny Sikachev
2017-04-04Updated count of slaves and sizeEvgeny Sikachev
2017-03-20Fixed jobs in stable releasesEvgeny Sikachev
2017-03-16Switch to publicURL for servicesEvgeny Sikachev
2017-03-15Merge "Added pymysql in python2"Jenkins
2017-01-23Added python3 job for spark for SaharaAlina Nesterova
2017-01-18Fixed creating of data-processing endpointAlina Nesterova
2017-01-13Merge "Add jobs for CDH 5.9 c7 and u14"Jenkins
2017-01-07Add jobs for CDH 5.9 c7 and u14Shu Yingya
2016-12-27remove liberty from filtersVitaly Gridnev
2016-12-23Added pymysql in python2Evgeny Sikachev
2016-12-22Merge "Added installing of pymysql"Jenkins
2016-12-22Added installing of pymysqlEvgeny Sikachev
2016-12-22Merge "generate image variable name when generating scenario config"Jenkins
2016-12-21Added python3 jobsEvgeny Sikachev
2016-12-21generate image variable name when generating scenario configVitaly Gridnev
2016-12-21Merge "Added upper constraints to install command"Jenkins
2016-12-21Added upper constraints to install commandEvgeny Sikachev
2016-12-19Merge "Fix for dib jobs"Jenkins
2016-12-16Merge "localrc modifications"Jenkins
2016-12-16Merge "Improve localrc file"Jenkins
2016-12-16Merge "Added support of newton branch to scripts"Jenkins
2016-12-16Fix for dib jobsEvgeny Sikachev
2016-12-05Added killing of all python processesAlina Nesterova
2016-12-02Merge "common filter for dib jobs"Jenkins
2016-12-01localrc modificationsVitaly Gridnev
2016-11-29Merge "Remove from config/devstack"Jenkins
2016-11-28Added support of newton branch to scriptsEvgeny Sikachev
2016-11-25Move ci-slaves to ubuntu 16.04Alina Nesterova
2016-11-25common filter for dib jobsVitaly Gridnev
2016-11-24Merge "introduce default parameters for mode"Jenkins
2016-11-24Merge "removed unused function"Jenkins
2016-11-24Merge "Extract image variable name from scenario file"Jenkins
2016-11-24Merge "Refactor retrieving scenario template path"Jenkins
2016-11-24drop ambari 2.1 image from CIVitaly Gridnev
2016-11-23introduce default parameters for modeVitaly Gridnev