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Update ironic plugin spec
Remove config option from proposed changes (static handler will be used). Change-Id: I44b97f101b668ea2afb2bd9bba47ac1eb355a7cd
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@@ -35,12 +35,8 @@ from periodical polling tasks.
35Proposed Change 35Proposed Change
36=============== 36===============
37 37
381. Searchlight listener should be changed because ironic can use any 381. Searchlight listener should be changed, because ironic can use also ERROR
39notifications message priority, not only INFO ([1]_). For possibility of use 39notifications message priority. New handler for ERROR priority will be added.
40this feature and backward compatibility new configuration option (list type)
41``additional_priorities`` will be added to ``listener`` group. Allowed
42values are "audit", "debug", "warn", "error", "critical" and "sample". Default
43value is not set (no additional priorities).
44 40
452. Plugin with indexers and notification handlers for ironic nodes, ports and 412. Plugin with indexers and notification handlers for ironic nodes, ports and
46chassis shoud be implemented. 42chassis shoud be implemented.