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2018-09-20Fix wrong local.conf link in devstack's READMETrinh Nguyen
2018-09-15Merge "Add support for ElasticSearch 5.x"Zuul
2018-09-15Add support for ElasticSearch 5.xTrinh Nguyen
2018-09-12Change the local.conf refzhu.boxiang
2018-09-01Update devstack configTrinh Nguyen
2018-02-27Remove policy.json from devstackliyingjun
2018-01-23Remove use of unsupported TEMPEST_SERVICES variableghanshyam
2017-10-18Use generic user for both zuul v2 and v3Dai Dang Van
2017-08-03Update the documentation link for doc migrationlingyongxu
2017-07-26Remove "noarch" from elasticsearch rpm install commandmelanie witt
2017-06-21Deploy Searchlight api using uwsgileizhang
2017-05-18Move policy_file option to oslo_policy group in devstack setupleizhang
2017-04-11Added example to plugin stable branchDeepaJon
2017-04-01Optimize the link address for fetching git codezhangyanxian
2017-03-06docs: fix notify_on_state_change conf groupMatt Riedemann
2017-02-09Merge "Config flavor versioned notification for devstack"Jenkins
2017-02-09Replace the github with git.openstack.orgliusheng
2017-02-08Config flavor versioned notification for devstackliyingjun
2017-02-06Use keystoneauth1 session instead of keystoneclientliyingjun
2017-02-02Disable ironic plugin by default in devstackSteve McLellan
2017-01-26Implement flavor notification handlerliyingjun
2016-11-30Use default jdk in devstack setupLeiZhang
2016-11-21Use messagingv2 by defaultliyingjun
2016-08-23Merge ":Move elasticsearch install to plugin, use v2.3.4"Jenkins
2016-08-15Add nova server groups pluginKevin_Zheng
2016-08-10:Move elasticsearch install to plugin, use v2.3.4Steve McLellan
2016-07-25Flavor PluginGeetika Batra
2016-07-19Speed up Searchlight indexingRick Aulino
2016-07-13Merge "Add Neutron security group plugin"Jenkins
2016-07-12Add Neutron security group pluginRick Aulino
2016-07-08Merge "Allow dynamic index settings"Jenkins
2016-07-07Spelling fixes in READMEDavid Lyle
2016-06-29Merge "Neutron floating IP support."Jenkins
2016-06-27Allow dynamic index settingsSteve McLellan
2016-06-27Neutron floating IP support.Steve McLellan
2016-06-21Merge "Add microversion support for nova plugins"Jenkins
2016-06-20Enabled Neutron notifications in sample local.confTravis Tripp
2016-06-17Add microversion support for nova pluginsKevin_Zheng
2016-05-24Use Notification Pools by DefaultTravis Tripp
2016-05-13Merge "Simple Script for Generating Resources"Jenkins
2016-05-12remove verbose option in devstack pluginYatin Kumbhare
2016-05-12Simple Script for Generating ResourcesTravis Tripp
2016-04-20Hypervisor pluginliyingjun
2016-04-13Merge "Add searchlight-ui to example local.conf"Jenkins
2016-04-07Add region_name to service_credentials for devstackliyingjun
2016-04-05Add searchlight-ui to example local.confTravis Tripp
2016-03-17Update Docs for Mitaka ReleaseTravis Tripp
2016-03-16Swift pluginLakshmi N Sampath
2016-03-16Correct cinder configuration examplesTravis Tripp
2016-03-15Add Cinder volume/snapshot pluginsDuncan Thomas