AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2015-12-13Merge "Update .gitreview for new namespace"HEADmasterJenkins
2015-10-17Update .gitreview for new namespaceJeremy Stanley
2015-05-05Add PEP8 check and fix related issuesLevi Blackstone
2015-04-27Fix integration test directory setup.Sandy Walsh
2015-04-15Skip tarball and just gzip the archive file.Sandy Walsh
2015-04-10One notification per file line in tarball.Sandy Walsh
2015-03-27Remove Swift handler (for now)Sandy Walsh
2015-03-26Only compute directory size when delete is done.Sandy Walsh
2015-03-19use in-memory count for directory size.Sandy Walsh
2015-02-24Tarball archiving of JSON messages.Sandy Walsh
2015-02-17Simple per-event file output.Sandy Walsh
2014-10-22Get tox tests working again.Sandy Walsh
2014-06-03create containerSandy Walsh
2014-06-03specific simport versionSandy Walsh
2014-06-03version fixupSandy Walsh
2014-06-02Merge pull request #1 from StackTach/swiftSandy Walsh
2014-06-03CloudFiles upload handler and setup.cfg tweakSandy Walsh
2014-05-30Start of swift supportSandy Walsh
2014-05-29Proper unicode support for metadata. Json doesn't need itSandy Walsh
2014-05-29fixup for new notigen librarySandy Walsh
2014-05-27fix docs to reflect kwargs constructorsSandy Walsh
2014-05-27missed the file :)Sandy Walsh
2014-05-27CallbackList now correctly uses objects, not classesSandy Walsh
2014-05-26Chain of callback support using simportSandy Walsh
2014-05-21Moved utils to notification_utils projectSandy Walsh
2014-05-16removed gen_eventsSandy Walsh
2014-05-16Some play callback handlers. Now uses notigenSandy Walsh
2014-05-14test_rolling linkSandy Walsh
2014-05-14updated docsSandy Walsh
2014-05-14one more sanity checkSandy Walsh
2014-05-14missing __init__ filesSandy Walsh
2014-05-14reading works and integration end-to-end tests in placeSandy Walsh
2014-05-14added ArchiveCallback, WritingRollManager workingSandy Walsh
2014-05-14pulled in datetime/decimal code, fixed up json encoding, started tying into d...Sandy Walsh
2014-05-13Started on integration testing.Sandy Walsh
2014-05-13100% coverageSandy Walsh
2014-05-13working on tests for disk_storageSandy Walsh
2014-05-13tests work again and no temp filesSandy Walsh
2014-05-13split out shoebox into smaller filesSandy Walsh
2014-05-12moved experiment into shoebox codeSandy Walsh
2014-05-12version support with peek-ahead functionalitySandy Walsh
2014-05-12started repackagingSandy Walsh
2014-05-12metadata reading and writingSandy Walsh
2014-05-12remove pytables and look at bsonSandy Walsh
2014-03-22Back to looking at raw binarySandy Walsh
2014-03-21append in wrong placeSandy Walsh
2014-03-20need to figure out variable length stringsSandy Walsh
2014-03-12finish tests. Starting on writingSandy Walsh
2014-01-13more testsSandy Walsh
2014-01-10fleshing out testsSandy Walsh