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2015-10-17Update .gitreview for new namespaceHEADmasterJeremy Stanley
2015-08-18Add PEP8 check and fix related issuesLevi Blackstone
2015-08-18Bump dev statusMonsyne Dragon
2014-10-22Move to stackforgeSandy Walsh
2014-06-03version fixupSandy Walsh
2014-06-03setup.cfg tweaksSandy Walsh
2014-05-28Fixed up docsSandy Walsh
2014-05-26module isn't required for local filesSandy Walsh
2014-05-26remove filename extraction and stick with directoriesSandy Walsh
2014-05-26better error handling on import statement itselfSandy Walsh
2014-05-26path should be to directory, not fileSandy Walsh
2014-05-26properly supports importing classes nowSandy Walsh
2014-05-26Added a few missing use casesSandy Walsh
2014-05-24more doc tweaksSandy Walsh
2014-05-23fix readmeSandy Walsh
2014-05-23added setup and tox supportSandy Walsh
2014-03-09Just deals with pathing concerns now.Sandy Walsh
2014-02-13initial checkinSandy Walsh
2014-02-13Initial commitSandy Walsh