BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
feature/crypto-reviewAdd encryption overview docAlistair Coles2 years
feature/deepCleanup for reviewAlistair Coles2 months
feature/deep-reviewAdd container sharding documentationAlistair Coles8 weeks
feature/hummingbirdgo: Update to clarify policies allowedAlistair Coles20 months
feature/repconnset default review branchJohn Dickinson2 years
feature/s3apiUpdate S3api DocsKota Tsuyuzaki3 months
masterMerge "Check other params preserved when slo_etag is extracted"Zuul3 days
stable/ocataFix source repository url to ocatadommgifer5 months
stable/pikeMerge "Preserve X-Static-Large-Object from .data file after POST" into stable...Zuul7 months
stable/queensImported Translations from ZanataOpenStack Proposal Bot4 months
2.18.0commit f270466de3...OpenStack Release Bot7 weeks
1.2.0commit c2931e157c...OpenStack Release Bot5 months
1.1.0commit f494fc37a6...OpenStack Release Bot5 months
2.17.0commit 32d1b3246f...OpenStack Release Bot5 months
2.16.0commit 1ff3f1e3e8...OpenStack Release Bot8 months
newton-eolcommit cbc1459615...Tony Breeds9 months
2.15.1commit 1f751a7979...OpenStack Release Bot11 months
2.15.0commit 340014ed22...OpenStack Release Bot12 months
mitaka-eolcommit 79b0e5bc7c...Joshua Hesketh12 months
2.13.1commit 72ed8f23a7...OpenStack Release Bot13 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
3 daysMerge "Check other params preserved when slo_etag is extracted"HEADmasterZuul
3 daysMerge "Add unittest for slo_etag"Zuul
4 daysCheck other params preserved when slo_etag is extractedAlistair Coles
4 daysAdd unittest for slo_etagClay Gerrard
4 daysMerge "Include SLO ETag in container updates"Zuul
4 daysInclude s3api schemas in sdistsTim Burke
5 daysInclude SLO ETag in container updatesTim Burke
6 daysMerge "IP Range restrictions in temp urls"Zuul
10 daysUpdate doc building instructions in Development GuidelinesNguyen Hai
10 daysMerge "Add Alpine Linux suuprt to bindep"Zuul