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masterMerge "Add additional log of meta_data devices content"Zuul75 min.
18.0.0commit b9f9f89295...OpenStack Release Bot5 months
17.2.0commit 9bd78bcd65...OpenStack Release Bot8 months
17.1.0commit fbd26cf124...OpenStack Release Bot9 months
17.0.0commit ad75393a99...OpenStack Release Bot11 months
16.1.0commit 19e20abb93...OpenStack Release Bot12 months
16.0.0commit 517c95fcb7...OpenStack Release Bot15 months
15.0.0commit 8f98c4b60b...Ken'ichi Ohmichi17 months
14.0.0commit fba6f756af...Ken'ichi Ohmichi19 months
13.0.0commit ad37086e6a...Matthew Treinish21 months
12.2.0commit c59270760a...Ken'ichi Ohmichi22 months
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75 min.Merge "Add additional log of meta_data devices content"HEADmasterZuul
11 hoursMerge "docs: Add information on test removal/interop to REVIEWING"Zuul
14 hoursMerge "Remove deprecated allow_tenant_isolation option"Zuul
2 daysAdd additional log of meta_data devices contentSlawek Kaplonski
4 daysdocs: Add information on test removal/interop to REVIEWINGFelipe Monteiro
4 daysMerge "remove skip for test_connectivity_between_vms_on_different_networks"Zuul
4 daysMerge "docs: Add HACKING information about test attributes"Zuul
4 daysMerge "trivial: Fix typos in the test_removal documentation page"Zuul
4 daysMerge "Add update_service to compute services_client library"Zuul
5 daysRemove deprecated allow_tenant_isolation optionKen'ichi Ohmichi