BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
experimentCross Pod L3 Networking - Part1zhiyuan_cai3 years
masterupdate trio2o image filterzhangchi3 weeks
fortest-eolcommit 1886aaf854...Tony Breeds18 months
icehouse-eolcommit 9a3e07284d...Joshua Hesketh19 months
mitaka-eolcommit 55dff6a00b...Joshua Hesketh21 months
2.0.1commit 55dff6a00b...zhiyuan_cai3 years
v2.0.1commit 55dff6a00b...zhiyuan_cai3 years
v2.0.0commit bbe0977cd3...zhiyuan_cai3 years
statefulcommit 585bb7ea63...zhiyuan_cai3 years
poc-kilocommit b6c9ee2e04...zhiyuan_cai4 years
poccommit 8e9ac69910...zhiyuan_cai4 years
v1.2.1commit 4aaef726dc...joey56784 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2019-03-27update trio2o image filterHEADmasterzhangchi
2018-12-29make trio2o novaapi gw get nova server info more details .zhangchi
2018-11-30Add response from nova apigw delete flavorzhangchi
2018-11-29Make Trio2o nova apigw get image infos more detail zhangchi
2018-09-30Server external event notify response expectionzhangxiaohan
2018-09-29Pod1 and RegionOne already exits after devstack installationBruceChiZhang
2018-09-21devstack install trio2o service endpoint with port 19996BruceChiZhang
2018-09-04add delete flavor test case for trio2oBruceChiZhang
2018-08-29Trio2o work with the new OpenStack versionzhangxiaohan
2017-10-18Use generic user for both zuul v2 and v3Nam Nguyen Hoai