BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterMerge "Improve retry behaviour of _copy_layer_registry_to_registry"Zuul16 hours
stable/ocataimport zuul job settings from project-configDoug Hellmann6 months
stable/pikeMerge "[Pike only] Fix docker registry url." into stable/pikeZuul2 months
stable/queensMerge "Stops growth of massive dentry cache growth" into stable/queensZuul47 hours
stable/rockyMerge "Append qemu-img to Mistral executor package list" into stable/rockyZuul106 min.
10.4.0commit 8307c641e3...OpenStack Release Bot4 days
8.6.7commit 706c26653f...OpenStack Release Bot9 days
10.3.0commit f45be75980...OpenStack Release Bot6 weeks
10.2.0commit e6b50404ce...OpenStack Release Bot2 months
10.1.0commit 7ff0d42c00...OpenStack Release Bot3 months
10.0.0commit 3e61f4f08c...OpenStack Release Bot5 months
8.6.6commit 2e3a2a5cc3...OpenStack Release Bot5 months
7.6.17commit 92d69ae43a...OpenStack Release Bot5 months
9.4.0commit 37d946fbc3...OpenStack Release Bot5 months
8.6.5commit 2e3a2a5cc3...OpenStack Release Bot5 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
16 hoursMerge "Improve retry behaviour of _copy_layer_registry_to_registry"HEADmasterZuul
21 hoursMerge "kolla_builder: don't build template mapping when not needed"Zuul
21 hoursMerge "image_uploader: conditionally import docker"Zuul
28 hoursMerge "image-serve: redirect root to /v2"Zuul
31 hoursMerge "drop python-crypto changes from overrides"Zuul
34 hoursimage-serve: redirect root to /v2Emilien Macchi
38 hoursMerge "Append qemu-img to Mistral executor package list"Zuul
42 hoursMerge "Enable placement-api health check"Zuul
47 hoursImprove retry behaviour of _copy_layer_registry_to_registrySteve Baker
2 daysimage_uploader: conditionally import dockerEmilien Macchi