BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterMerge "Change template names to queens"Zuul8 hours
stable/newtonMerge "Fix networking settings for ObjectStorage role" into stable/newtonZuul3 days
stable/ocataMerge "RHEL/Update: replace wc by yum to check updates" into stable/ocataZuul44 hours
stable/pikeRHEL/Update: replace wc by yum to check updatesEmilien Macchi2 days
7.0.5commit 74e40b21f0...OpenStack Release Bot3 days
5.3.6commit bd2c6d516f...OpenStack Release Bot3 days
6.2.6commit aaf911fade...OpenStack Release Bot3 days
6.2.5commit 06f7782964...OpenStack Release Bot10 days
7.0.4commit 994922a8ba...OpenStack Release Bot10 days
5.3.5commit c45492f0f0...OpenStack Release Bot10 days
7.0.3commit 06f8f2eb1c...OpenStack Release Bot3 weeks
6.2.4commit b8680d53b8...OpenStack Release Bot3 weeks
5.3.4commit 79face75fa...OpenStack Release Bot3 weeks f8efc0bd5b...OpenStack Release Bot4 weeks
AgeCommit messageAuthor
8 hoursMerge "Change template names to queens"HEADmasterZuul
10 hoursMerge "docker/internal TLS: spawn extra container for ec2api TLS proxy"Zuul
10 hoursMerge "Add DeployIdentifier to Nova discover hosts container"Zuul
11 hoursMerge "Make CephPools type json instead of list"Zuul
11 hoursMerge "Trigger Kubernetes/OpenShift jobs on changing themselves"Zuul
11 hoursMerge "Fix glance config generation when using NFS"Zuul
33 hoursFix wrong logic for triggering os-net-config special handling.Sofer Athlan-Guyot
36 hoursMerge "Add noop-deploy-steps.yaml environment"Zuul
37 hoursTrigger Kubernetes/OpenShift jobs on changing themselvesJiri Stransky
37 hoursdocker/internal TLS: spawn extra container for ec2api TLS proxyRajesh Tailor