BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterMerge "Make neutron ovs agent work with python3"Zuul20 min.
stable/ocataRemove tripleo newton and ocata jobs (ocata branch)Rafael Folco8 weeks
stable/pikeFix typo in octavia upgrade_tasksRabi Mishra38 hours
stable/queensMerge "Fix Octavia hieradata keys" into stable/queensZuul20 min.
stable/rockyMerge "Enable health check for OVN containers" into stable/rockyZuul40 min.
10.3.0commit 0ec13316a5...OpenStack Release Bot5 days
9.2.0commit 682a7722be...OpenStack Release Bot9 days
8.2.0commit e34ebf83fd...OpenStack Release Bot4 weeks
9.1.0commit 2f12128d6e...OpenStack Release Bot4 weeks
8.1.0commit aed844e4f5...OpenStack Release Bot6 weeks
10.2.0commit b6b4201be1...OpenStack Release Bot6 weeks
10.1.0commit 03ca0e5d31...OpenStack Release Bot7 weeks
10.0.0commit 051f4e0059...OpenStack Release Bot3 months
9.0.0commit 888743ce76...OpenStack Release Bot3 months
8.0.7commit 8537f02302...OpenStack Release Bot4 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
20 min.Merge "Make neutron ovs agent work with python3"HEADmasterZuul
40 min.Merge "Per role Numa aware vswitch configuration"Zuul
3 hoursMerge "Update manila environment file name in capabilities-map"Zuul
3 hoursMerge "Fix paunch logs verbosity control"Zuul
3 hoursMerge "implement default ssh-from-ctlplane rule via hiera"Zuul
7 hoursMerge "Reuse the container in case we have a temporary podman failure"Zuul
7 hoursMerge "Assure that updates job is listed in both check and gate"Zuul
8 hoursMerge "Enable image inject metadata properties & user roles to be ignored"Zuul
9 hoursMerge "Transitioning to HAProxy 1.8"Zuul
10 hoursMerge "Run 'Delete Upgrade Flag and Unset it via Rest' only once"Zuul