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masterMerge "Add blueprint for Logging to stdout and rsyslog"Zuul7 days
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7 daysMerge "Add blueprint for Logging to stdout and rsyslog"HEADmasterZuul
2017-11-21Encryption everywhere with IPSECJuan Antonio Osorio Robles
2017-10-31Fix link in Queens major upgrade specmarios
2017-10-30Merge "Instance HA Specification"Zuul
2017-10-30Merge "Tripleo PTP (Precision Time Protocol) support"Zuul
2017-10-24Merge "tripleo-messaging specification"Zuul
2017-10-24Merge "tripleo-ovs-hw-offload"Zuul
2017-10-19Add "ux" tag in LaunchpadEmilien Macchi
2017-10-17Merge "Introduce fast-forward upgrades"Zuul
2017-10-15Merge "Remove python3 squad"Jenkins