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146Deletes a user for a database instance. 146Deletes a user for a database instance.
147 147
148Do not use periods in user names. A bug in a Python library that
149Rackspace uses that can cause incorrect user deletions to occur if
150you use a period (.) in the user name. In this case, the bug in the
151library truncates the user name to the portion from the beginning
152up to the period. For example, for the ``my.userA`` user, the bug
153truncates the user name to ``my``, and if the ``user`` exists, that
154user is incorrectly deleted.
156Error response codes:202,413,405,404,403,401,400,422,503,500,501, 148Error response codes:202,413,405,404,403,401,400,422,503,500,501,
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