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7 daysUpdate in-VM links, bookmarks and helpHEADmasterMark Korondi
2019-01-29Merge "Upadting the VM image link"Zuul
2019-01-23Update to Ubuntu 18.04 LTS (bionic)Mark Korondi
2018-12-04import-virsh script for qemu/kvmMark Korondi
2018-11-26Upgrading Virtual Machine to Ubuntu XenialMark Korondi
2018-11-11Upadting the VM image linkGergely Csatari
2018-08-31Merge "Allow users to override output format in"Zuul
2018-08-31Merge "Add cloud-init to package-installs.yaml"Zuul
2018-08-29Allow users to override output format in create-training-box.shFlorian Haas
2018-08-09Add cloud-init to package-installs.yamlFlorian Haas
2018-04-13Rename #openstack-101 to #openstack-devIan Y. Choi
2018-04-10Merge "Reflects the changes on diskimage-builder"Zuul
2018-03-29Reflects the changes on diskimage-builderIan Y. Choi
2018-03-27Mention VirtualBox extension packGergely Csatari
2018-03-12Moving to diskimage-builderMark Korondi
2017-11-02Fixes for Sydney. Removed re-stacking instructions. Gitreview set up.Mark Korondi
2017-08-08unstack not neededMark Korondi
2017-05-07Image shrinked furtherMark Korondi
2017-05-07Firefox DevStack bookmark changed to point to localhostMark Korondi
2017-05-07Updated CHANGELOGMark Korondi
2017-05-07Devstack fixes and changes.Mark Korondi
2017-05-07Updated CHANGELOGMark Korondi
2017-05-06Use SSD as default Disk drive type. Fixes booting up the VM on OSXMark Korondi
2017-05-06version fix in IN BOSTONMark Korondi
2017-05-04Image version fixed in READMEMark Korondi
2017-05-04VMware player supported. USE_SCREEN=Truev2017.01.1Mark Korondi
2017-04-28Removed keystone-wsgi and nova-placement-api memory oprtimizer sed commandsMark Korondi
2017-04-28Moar simplificationsMark Korondi
2017-04-28Updated README.mdMark Korondi
2017-04-28Updated README.mdMark Korondi
2017-04-28Boston updates on READMEMark Korondi
2017-04-28Updated changelogv2017.01Mark Korondi
2017-04-28Multiple changes to save on disk and memory usageMark Korondi
2017-04-28Always check for update build timeMark Korondi
2017-04-28Merge pull request #4 from nokia/windows-import-fixMark Korondi
2017-04-28Update README-virtualbox-import.mdGergely Csatari
2017-04-28Correcting the link markup in the windows import help.csatari
2017-04-12Memory optimizedMark Korondi
2017-04-11Default user 'ubuntu's password updated in documentationMark Korondi
2017-04-11Xenial image working. Hexchat replaces Xchat. Nat networking instead of priva...Mark Korondi
2017-04-08xenial updateMark Korondi
2017-04-03Update README.mdMark Korondi
2016-11-11LinuxbridgeMark Korondi
2016-10-23Merge pull request #3 from nokia/vb-import-detailsv2016.02Mark Korondi
2016-10-20Adding a reference to README-virtualbox-import.mdGergely Csatari
2016-10-20Update README-virtualbox-import.mdGergely Csatari
2016-10-20Adding VirtualBox import screenGergely Csatari
2016-10-20Create README-virtualbox-import.mdGergely Csatari
2016-10-19Host-only network setup instructionsMark Korondi
2016-10-19Merge pull request #2 from annegentle/patch-1Mark Korondi