AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-02-05Revert "Set fedora jobs non-voting"HEADmasterPaul Belanger
2019-01-29Set fedora jobs non-votingPaul Belanger
2019-01-22Use zuul[zuul_executor] for zuul_pip_name for executorPaul Belanger
2019-01-21Update nodepool test roles to use nodepool_pip_virtualenvPaul Belanger
2019-01-20Only validate nodepool system services if state is properly setPaul Belanger
2019-01-20Invert nodepool logic to manage servicesPaul Belanger
2019-01-20Update zuul test roles to use zuul_pip_virtualenvPaul Belanger
2019-01-19Only validate zuul system services if state is properly setPaul Belanger
2019-01-19Allow the option to pass args to ansible-galaxyPaul Belanger
2019-01-18Add the ability to disable hosts in inventoryPaul Belanger
2019-01-17Use False for zuul_connections_ssh itemsPaul Belanger
2019-01-07Only install zuul config files if enablePaul Belanger
2019-01-07Add ssh_known_hosts_content to zuul-connectionsPaul Belanger
2019-01-04Create zuul-connections host group to manage SSH keysPaul Belanger
2019-01-04Ignore ansible-lint 405 rulePaul Belanger
2019-01-04Remove ensure-output-dirs rolePaul Belanger
2019-01-03Enable verbose mode for ansible-playbookPaul Belanger
2018-12-22Merge "Switch virtualenv_install_method to package"Zuul
2018-12-22Switch virtualenv_install_method to packagePaul Belanger
2018-12-21Refactor zuul group_varsPaul Belanger
2018-12-21Merge "Fix deprecation warning"Zuul
2018-12-20Merge "Add nginx support to zuul-web"Zuul
2018-12-20Fix deprecation warningPaul Belanger
2018-12-20Merge "Use -f1 (forks) over serial for gate testing"Zuul
2018-12-20Add nginx support to zuul-webPaul Belanger
2018-12-20Use -f1 (forks) over serial for gate testingPaul Belanger
2018-12-20Don't manage launcher / builder logging for specific nodepool hostsPaul Belanger
2018-12-18Simplify zuul playbooksPaul Belanger
2018-12-18Collapse nodepool plays to single filePaul Belanger
2018-12-12Add yamllint to tox -elintersPaul Belanger
2018-12-10Remove hardcoded ansible.cfg in toxPaul Belanger
2018-12-07Support multiple zookeeper hosts for zuul.confPaul Belanger
2018-12-07Remove left over code from ubuntu-xenialPaul Belanger
2018-12-07More places for statsd to be optionalPaul Belanger
2018-12-07Have openstacksdk manage our clouds.yaml filePaul Belanger
2018-12-06Move openstacksdk role into nodepool groupPaul Belanger
2018-12-06Remove xenial jobs for testingPaul Belanger
2018-12-06Merge "Stop gating on ubuntu-xenial"Zuul
2018-12-05Enable fact_caching to speed up testingPaul Belanger
2018-12-05Stop gating on ubuntu-xenialPaul Belanger
2018-12-04Default nodepool / zuul users to /bin/bashPaul Belanger
2018-12-04Add specific play to bootstrap python dependenciesPaul Belanger
2018-12-04Bump timeout to 1 hourPaul Belanger
2018-12-04Merge "Change openstack-dev to openstack-discuss"Zuul
2018-12-04Change openstack-dev to openstack-discusshuang.zhiping
2018-12-04Bump timeout for windmill-base to 45minsPaul Belanger
2018-12-03Make statsd optional for nodepoolPaul Belanger
2018-09-30fix tox python3 overridesqingszhao
2018-08-23Merge "Add windmill-tox-molecule"Zuul
2018-08-23Add windmill-tox-moleculePaul Belanger