AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-09-26fix tox python3 overridesHEADmasterDoug Hellmann
2016-12-09Update XStatic-angular-bootstrap to Cresswell
2016-09-07Update with corrected xstatic-releaseRichard Jones
2016-08-31Merge "Fix description metadata"Jenkins
2016-08-27Fix description metadataRichard Jones
2016-07-19Remove py33 from the default envlistTony Breeds
2016-06-28Update XStatic-Angular-Bootstrap to 1.3.3Rob Cresswell
2016-06-27Fixes for a packaging error0.11.0.8Richard Jones
2016-06-24Bump the BUILD again to avoid collisionRichard Jones
2016-06-24Include more metadata in setup.pyRichard Jones
2016-06-24Merge "Update to use setuptools_scm for release version generation"
2016-03-07Update to use setuptools_scm for release version generationRichard Jones
2015-12-11Deprecated tox -downloadcache option removedOndřej Nový
2015-10-17Update .gitreview for new namespaceJeremy Stanley
2015-06-23Add tox.ini to enable publish/tarball joblin-hua-cheng
2015-05-05Bumping build number to tag0.11.0.3David Lyle
2015-05-05Fix LICENCE issues (file at root and Vidori
2014-08-18Version 0.11.0 of Angular-BoostrapMaxime Vidori