AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-02-11Update package to Carrez
2018-09-26fix tox python3 overridesDoug Hellmann
2015-12-11Deprecated tox -downloadcache option removedOndřej Nový
2015-10-17Update .gitreview for new namespaceJeremy Stanley
2015-07-21Merge "Add tox.ini to enable publish/tarball job"Jenkins
2015-07-16update to 0.2.5 of the magic search widgetRajat Vig
2015-06-24Add tox.ini to enable publish/tarball joblin-hua-cheng
2015-06-24Fix file permissions for XStatic Magic SearchAaron Sahlin
2015-03-03Update Magic Search to Bertram
2015-02-20Initializing with MagicSearch Bertram
2015-02-16Added .gitreviewOpenStack Project Creator