AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-01-10Update the outdated README.rst in zaqat_tempest_pluginHEADmasterwanghao
2018-12-04Change openstack-dev to openstack-discusshuang.zhiping
2018-09-13Merge "import zuul job settings from project-config"Zuul
2018-08-24import zuul job settings from project-config98k
2018-07-18Remove the ambiguous testwander.way
2018-03-23Merge "Add test for claim for non existing queue"0.1.0Zuul
2018-03-15Fix documentation buildJavier Pena
2018-03-12Add test for claim for non existing queueThomas Herve
2018-02-02fix error urllvxianguo
2018-01-21Tempest plugin support for message body md5.yangzhenyu
2018-01-03Fix zaqar tempest plugin grenade ci failuregecong1973
2017-12-23Tempest plugin support for delayed queuesyangzhenyu
2017-12-07Delete the number of queue metadata checkyangzhenyu
2017-12-04Revert "Tempest plugin support for delayed queues"yangzhenyu
2017-12-04Merge "Added docs for installation and running tests"Zuul
2017-12-04Tempest plugin support for delayed queuesyangzhenyu
2017-11-10Added docs for installation and running testsChandan Kumar
2017-09-22Refactored zaqar tempest plugin directory structureChandan Kumar
2017-09-06Apply cookiecutter to newly split projectChandan Kumar
2017-08-07Merge "Fix bug in mongodb backend for dead letter queue"Jenkins
2017-08-07Fix bug in mongodb backend for dead letter queuegengchc2
2017-08-07Merge "Fix tempest test_set_and_get_queue_metadata"Jenkins
2017-08-03Fix tempest test_set_and_get_queue_metadatagecong1973
2017-07-31Merge "Remove Deprecation tempest Warning"Jenkins
2017-07-29Remove Deprecation tempest Warninggecong1973
2017-07-24Replace uuid.uuid4().hex with uuidutils.generate_uuid()ritesh.arya
2017-05-19Merge "Replace test.attr with decorators.attr"Jenkins
2017-04-25Replace test.attr with decorators.attrwangxiyuan
2017-04-10Merge "Remove redundancy code"Jenkins
2017-04-07Remove redundancy codezengjianfang
2017-03-13Merge "Fix claim ttl test"Jenkins
2017-03-10Fix claim ttl testThomas Herve
2017-03-07Switch to use stable data_utilsKen'ichi Ohmichi
2017-02-09Switch to use test_utils.call_until_trueKen'ichi Ohmichi
2017-01-29Merge "Switch to decorators.idempotent_id"Jenkins
2017-01-27Switch to decorators.idempotent_idghanshyam
2017-01-10Merge "Add tempest test for purge queue"Jenkins
2017-01-10Merge "Removes unnecessary utf-8 encoding"Jenkins
2017-01-04Merge "don't allow get/update/delete subscirtions with wrong queue"Jenkins
2017-01-04don't allow get/update/delete subscirtions with wrong queuewangxiyuan
2017-01-04Removes unnecessary utf-8 encodingCao Xuan Hoang
2016-12-27Add tempest test for purge queuewangxiyuan
2016-11-16Merge "Use build interval and timeout from conf"Jenkins
2016-11-15Use build interval and timeout from confghanshyam
2016-10-10Merge "Subscription Confirmation Support-2"Jenkins
2016-09-21Subscription Confirmation Support-2wangxiyuan
2016-08-29Merge "Let v2 tempest base on the base tests"Jenkins
2016-08-18Merge "Subscription Confirmation Support-1"Jenkins
2016-08-16Subscription Confirmation Support-1wangxiyuan
2016-08-02Adding Negative tests cases to Zaqar v2Neerja