AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2015-02-03Support script text override for newer develop0.10.8feature/0.10Monty Taylor
2014-12-22_get_revno only returns a commit count0.10.7Jeremy Stanley
2014-12-21Integration test PBR commits0.10.6Jeremy Stanley
2014-12-20Move write_pbr_json to avoid issues with nose0.10.5Clark Boylan
2014-12-17Properly check for git before getting git dir0.10.4Clark Boylan
2014-12-17Use post version signifiersMonty Taylor
2014-12-17Only import sphinx during hook processingDoug Hellmann
2014-12-16Stop including git sha in version strings0.10.3Monty Taylor
2014-12-16Write and read more complex git sha infoMonty Taylor
2014-12-14Prefix git suffixes with + instead of .0.10.1Monty Taylor
2014-07-21Remove all 2.7 filtering0. Taylor
2014-07-21Stop filtering out argparseMonty Taylor
2014-07-10Remove mirror testing from the integration scriptDoug Hellmann
2014-06-30Merge "Check for git before querying it for a version"0.9.0Jenkins
2014-06-28Allow examining parsing exceptions.Robert Collins
2014-06-27Merge "Un-nest some sections of code"Jenkins
2014-06-26Update integration script for Apache 2.4Sean Dague
2014-06-22Restore Monkeypatched Distribution InstanceKevin McCarthy
2014-06-11Register testr as a distutil entry pointSteve Kowalik
2014-06-05Check for git before querying it for a versionJeremy Stanley
2014-05-30Merge "Allow _run_cmd to run commands in any directory."Jenkins
2014-05-29Allow _run_cmd to run commands in any directory.Robert Collins
2014-05-27Merge "Make setUp fail if sdist fails."Jenkins
2014-05-27Merge "Permit pre-release versions with git metadata"Jenkins
2014-05-27Make setUp fail if sdist fails.Robert Collins
2014-05-27Permit pre-release versions with git metadataRobert Collins
2014-05-26Un-nest some sections of codeMonty Taylor
2014-05-24Merge "Fix typos in docs"0.8.2Jenkins
2014-05-23Remove --use-mailmap as it's not neededMonty Taylor
2014-05-21Fix typos in docsRoger Luethi
2014-05-09Merge "pbr/ Add logging"0.8.1Jenkins
2014-05-05pbr/ Add loggingMarc Abramowitz
2014-05-01Documentation updatesVasudev Kamath
2014-05-01Merge "Fixed a typo in the documentation."Jenkins
2014-04-30Merge "Make source configurable when using --coverage"Jenkins
2014-04-29Merge "README.rst: tweaks"Jenkins
2014-04-25Fixed a typo in the documentation.Alex Gaynor
2014-04-25Make source configurable when using --coverageMarc Abramowitz
2014-04-20README.rst: tweaksMarc Abramowitz
2014-04-15Format autoindex.rst file properlyRuby Loo
2014-04-08make pbr use hacking directlySean Dague
2014-03-31Merge "Add support for nested requirements files"Jenkins
2014-03-31Merge "Remove duplicate git setup in tests."Jenkins
2014-03-27Use unicode_literals import instead of u'unicode' notation.0.8.0Toilal
2014-03-26Add support for nested requirements filesBen Nemec
2014-03-23Remove pip version specifierDoug Hellmann
2014-03-21Merge "Fixes blocking issue on Windows"Jenkins
2014-03-19Merge "Make tools/ take a branch"Jenkins
2014-03-18Make tools/ take a branchJoe Gordon
2014-03-19Fixes blocking issue on WindowsOctavian Ciuhandu