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feature/developmentcss changes for language nav and dropdown menuEvgeny Fadeev4 years
masterRefactor css and font links to httpsMarton Kiss4 years
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2015-08-11Refactor css and font links to httpsHEADmasterMarton Kiss
2015-08-07Merge "Standalone maintenance page for ask.o.o migration"Jenkins
2015-08-07Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/feature/development' into merge-branchMarton Kiss
2015-08-06Standalone maintenance page for ask.o.o migrationMarton Kiss
2015-05-01css changes for language nav and dropdown menufeature/developmentEvgeny Fadeev
2015-04-24deleted unused fileEvgeny Fadeev
2015-04-24updated theme to match version 0.7.53Evgeny Fadeev
2015-04-23Add a .gitreview defaultbranch for developmentJeremy Stanley
2014-12-05Workflow documentation is now in infra-manualJeremy Stanley
2014-11-28Add bundler supportMarton Kiss