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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-06-04Update documentationIan Wienand
2018-02-16Cap voluptuous versionFabien Boucher
2015-10-19Add PBR dependencyPaul Belanger
2015-10-09Replace oslo_config dependency with argparsePaul Belanger
2015-10-06Replace oslo_log dependency with standard loggingPaul Belanger
2015-10-01Merge "Add test coverate for"Jenkins
2015-09-29Add caching supportPaul Belanger
2015-09-28Add a slug to better track dashboardsPaul Belanger
2015-09-25Add test coverate for grafana.pyPaul Belanger
2015-09-21Bump pbr requirement to >= 1.3Paul Belanger
2015-09-17Remove Babel bitsPaul Belanger
2015-05-06Add oslo.log for loggingPaul Belanger
2015-05-06Add grafana-dashboards cli clientPaul Belanger
2015-05-05Initial commit of schemaPaul Belanger
2015-05-04Initial Cookiecutter Commit.Paul Belanger