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masterMerge "New subsection on voting third-party CI permission"Jenkins6 days
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6 daysMerge "New subsection on voting third-party CI permission"HEADmasterJenkins
6 daysclarify the expected policy for managing releasesDoug Hellmann
2017-05-03New subsection on voting third-party CI permissionJeremy Stanley
2017-05-01Register on PyPI with a minimal PKG-INFO fileJeremy Stanley
2017-04-25Use https in many more placesAndreas Jaeger
2017-04-25Update git-review linkAndreas Jaeger
2017-04-21Merge "Split out section about finding post-queue logs"Jenkins
2017-04-21Merge "Add UI Cookiecutter into template selections"Jenkins
2017-04-21Merge "No longer ask to add openstack-release"Jenkins
2017-04-21Merge "Add a note that submodules are not supported"Jenkins