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masterSingle topic uses admins to reviewThierry Carrez18 months
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2017-09-19Single topic uses admins to reviewHEADmasterThierry Carrez
2017-09-19Increase title to 60 charsThierry Carrez
2017-09-19Update OpenStack logoThierry Carrez
2017-03-16Simplify UI in case there is just one topicThierry Carrez
2017-03-16Rename 'Preapproved' to 'Approved'Thierry Carrez
2017-03-16Remove hardcoded references to 'Design Summit'Thierry Carrez
2017-03-16Disable scheduling moduleThierry Carrez
2017-03-16Add missing makemigrations stepThierry Carrez
2017-03-16Fix LOGIN_URL to match new styleThierry Carrez
2017-01-04Add missing in odsregThierry Carrez