AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
117 min.Merge "Stop installing nodepool in all the test envs"HEADmasterZuul
117 min.Merge "Update ansible library location to envsitepackagesdir"Zuul
4 hoursMerge "Add openstack/flare project."Zuul
5 hoursStop installing nodepool in all the test envsMonty Taylor
5 hoursUpdate ansible library location to envsitepackagesdirMonty Taylor
5 hoursMerge "New Airship project - Tempest Plugin"Zuul
5 hoursMerge "Remove airship-deckhand jobs, as they are all in project"Zuul
7 hoursMerge "Add os_manila role to openstack-ansible"Zuul
7 hoursMerge "Revert "Reduce gate window floor to 10""Zuul
7 hoursMerge "Add Octavia charm"Zuul
7 hoursMerge "Add cells charm and interfaces"Zuul
7 hoursMerge "networking-midonet: Update the dashboard for recent changes"Zuul
7 hoursMerge "Add kayobe-config[-dev] to gerritbot for #openstack-kayobe"Zuul
7 hoursMerge "Remove fetch-tox-output from release-openstack-python"Zuul
9 hoursRemove fetch-tox-output from release-openstack-pythonAndreas Jaeger
9 hoursRestore full OVH-GRA1 quotaIan Wienand
17 hoursNormalize projects.yamlOpenStack Proposal Bot
27 hoursMerge "Remove x-vrif-minus-2 from gerritbot notifications"Zuul
32 hoursMerge "Revert "Disable ovh-gra1""Zuul
34 hoursMerge "wheel-mirror: serialise copies to AFS"Zuul
37 hoursRevert "Disable ovh-gra1"Ian Wienand
40 hoursMerge "Add gabbi-tempest unofficial project"Zuul
40 hoursMerge "Retire project Anchor - step 4"Zuul
40 hoursMerge "Update governance-uc docs publishing"Zuul
41 hoursNormalize projects.yamlOpenStack Proposal Bot
2 dayswheel-mirror: serialise copies to AFSIan Wienand
2 daysRemove airship-deckhand jobs, as they are all in projectFelipe Monteiro
2 daysMerge "Add new project config for tenks"Zuul
3 daysFix Pygments install for release checkBen Nemec
3 daysRetire project Anchor - step 4Gage Hugo
3 daysRevert "Reduce gate window floor to 10"Clark Boylan
3 daysMerge "Install Pygments before checking README syntax for publish jobs"Zuul
3 daysMerge "Remove periodic-tempest-dsvm-oslo-latest-full-master job"Zuul
3 daysUpdate governance-uc docs publishingAndreas Jaeger
3 daysInstall Pygments before checking README syntax for publish jobsGraham Hayes
4 daysMerge "Disable ovh-gra1"Zuul
4 daysDisable ovh-gra1Ian Wienand
4 daysReduce gate window floor to 10Clark Boylan
4 daysAdd gabbi-tempest unofficial projectChris Dent
5 daysnetworking-midonet: Update the dashboard for recent changesYAMAMOTO Takashi
5 daysRemove periodic-tempest-dsvm-oslo-latest-full-master jobAndreas Jaeger
6 daysReadd openstack-tox-py35-with-neutron-lib-masterAndreas Jaeger
7 daysDisable packethost due to mirror outagesClark Boylan
7 daysNew Airship project - Tempest PluginMatt McEuen
7 daysMerge "update the branching script to include a semver bump"Zuul
7 daysMerge "Cleanup devstack-gate jobs"Zuul
7 daysMerge "Small cleanups for zuul.d/projects.yaml"Zuul
7 daysCleanup devstack-gate jobsAndreas Jaeger
7 daysMerge "Use root user for editing pip.conf"Zuul
7 daysupdate the branching script to include a semver bumpDoug Hellmann