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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-06-28Remove obsolete zuul and jenkins dev configsJeremy Stanley
2017-12-01Retire Packaging Deb project reposJeremy Stanley
2016-12-19Remove pointless tarball-site parameterJeremy Stanley
2016-11-08Add a scratchpad gerrit repo for zigoThomas Goirand
2016-10-12Add jobs for dev zuul-launcherKhai Do
2015-12-21Remove precise/trusty label mapping in Zuul configJeremy Stanley
2015-12-12Remove icehouse-dibtest special handlingAndreas Jaeger
2015-12-04Remove centos6 from openstack_functionsAndreas Jaeger
2015-12-04Remove the last little 2.6 bitsMonty Taylor
2015-11-04Update zuul-dev.o.o pipelinesKhai Do
2015-07-14Revert "Use ubuntu-trusty for multi-node tests"Clark Boylan
2015-07-13Use ubuntu-trusty for multi-node testsMonty Taylor
2015-07-03Switch jobs from old pypi to new release workerJeremy Stanley
2015-04-14change name from aiopcpu to multinodeSean Dague
2015-03-10Fix zuul log path againJames E. Blair
2015-03-09Propose projects.yaml normalization dailyJames E. Blair
2015-02-10Setup a project to test zuul-dev.o.o periodic pipelineKhai Do
2015-02-10Setup project to run jobs on jenkins-dev.o.oKhai Do
2015-02-04Add to zuul-dev.o.oKhai Do
2015-01-30Fix invalid spacing in yaml fileKhai Do
2015-01-16Merge "add gtest2 for testing"Jenkins
2015-01-09Update zuul layout to match productionKhai Do
2015-01-08add gtest2 for testingKhai Do
2014-12-05Workflow documentation is now in infra-manualJeremy Stanley
2014-10-20Remove confusing access "refs/meta/config" ACL defElizabeth K. Joseph
2014-09-25Merge "Add notify_mpact to dev gerrit"Jenkins
2014-09-25Add notify_mpact to dev gerritJames E. Blair
2014-09-25Move review-dev acl fileJames E. Blair
2014-09-25Reorganizes project-configAnita Kuno