path: root/grafana/nodepool.yaml
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-07-25More slight enhancements to nodepool graphIan Wienand
2018-07-24Set nullPointMode for Time to Ready panelPaul Belanger
2018-07-24Add back grafana/nodepool.yamlPaul Belanger
2018-06-22Consolidate nodepool graphsIan Wienand
2018-01-12Remove zuul-launchers from nodepool dashboardPaul Belanger
2017-10-02Update Nodepool graphite metric namesDavid Moreau-Simard
2017-08-02Remove gate-tempest-dsvm-full from grafanaAndreas Jaeger
2016-08-24Fix ready node launch attemps panel for nodepoolPaul Belanger
2016-08-24Fix legend for 'Time to Ready' for nodepool dashboardPaul Belanger
2016-08-23Use aliasByNode for Node Launches panelPaul Belanger
2016-08-22Add Node Launches to nodepool dashboardPaul Belanger
2016-08-12Add held nodes to singlestat for nodepool dashboardPaul Belanger
2016-08-09Revert "Stack nodepool images targets in grafana"Andreas Jaeger
2016-08-08Stack nodepool images targets in grafanaPaul Belanger
2016-08-05Add labels panel to nodepool dashboardPaul Belanger
2016-07-29grafana: Follow xenial renamesAndreas Jaeger
2016-06-16Remove Jenkins masters from grafana dashboardPaul Belanger
2016-06-08Fix building nodes panel for zuul launchersPaul Belanger
2016-06-07Fix span for jenkins / zuul launcher to a single rowPaul Belanger
2016-06-06Add stats for zuul launchersPaul Belanger
2016-03-14Switch rest of devstack-trusty to ubuntu-trustyClark Boylan
2016-03-02Add total singlestats for nodepool dashboardPaul Belanger
2016-01-18grafana: Add job average runtimes to Nodepool dashboardMathieu Gagné
2015-11-20Fix typo in nodepool grafyamlJames E. Blair
2015-11-20Add nodepool dashboard to grafanaJames E. Blair