path: root/nodepool/nodepool.yaml
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
3 daysCleanup packethost zk dataHEADmasterDavid Shrewsbury
3 daysRemove packethost from nodepool buildersDavid Shrewsbury
2019-02-20Enable DIB_SHOW_IMAGE_USAGE for buildIan Wienand
2019-01-14Revert "Add CentOS NetworkManager testing node"Ian Wienand
2019-01-14Upload centos-7-nm imageIan Wienand
2019-01-10Add CentOS NetworkManager testing nodeIan Wienand
2019-01-09Add Fedora 29 nodesIan Wienand
2018-10-22Switch nodepool builders to zk clusterClark Boylan
2018-09-10switch Gentoo's python to use python3.6Matthew Thode
2018-09-10unpause the Gentoo image buildMatthew Thode
2018-08-27Start building images for vexxhost-sjc1Mohammed Naser
2018-08-13Remove fedora-27 from nodepoolPaul Belanger
2018-06-13Add packethost us-west-1 to nodepoolIan Wienand
2018-05-25nodepool: Add support for building openSUSE Leap 15.0Markos Chandras
2018-04-27Build fedora-28 DIBs with nodepool-builderPaul Belanger
2018-04-20Remove debian-jessie from nodepoolPaul Belanger
2018-04-19Unpause Xenial buildsIan Wienand
2018-04-15Revert "unpause Gentoo"Paul Belanger
2018-04-13unpause GentooMatthew Thode
2018-04-12Pause ubuntu-xenial DIBsPaul Belanger
2018-04-11build opensuse images from the openstack mirrorDirk Mueller
2018-04-09Clean up diskimages for debian-(jessie|stretch)Paul Belanger
2018-04-05Add debian stretch nodes to arm64/amd64 cloudsXinliang Liu
2018-04-04Add git timeout setting for nodepool-builderPaul Belanger
2018-04-04Remove fedora-26 nodes from nodepoolPaul Belanger
2018-04-03Pause gentoo-17-0-systemd DIBs for nodepoolPaul Belanger
2018-04-03Merge "make Gentoo use the systemd profile"Zuul
2018-04-02Use AFS mirrors to build ubuntu-bionic DIBPaul Belanger
2018-03-29make Gentoo use the systemd profileMatthew Thode
2018-03-23Add limestone to nodepool builder and launcher configurationDavid Moreau Simard
2018-03-22Unpause all builds for dib 2.12.1Ian Wienand
2018-03-22Unpause Centos 7 for dib 2.12.1Ian Wienand
2018-03-21Pause builds for dib 2.12.0Ian Wienand
2018-02-27Add ubuntu-bionic to nodepoolPaul Belanger
2018-02-22Add building of openSUSE Tumbleweed nodepool imagesDirk Mueller
2018-02-20Remove DIB images from citycloudPaul Belanger
2018-02-06Disable citycloud in nodepoolJeremy Stanley
2018-01-31Merge "Remove tripelo-test-cloud-rh1"Zuul
2018-01-31Merge "Remove initialize-urandom from ubuntu-trusty"Zuul
2018-01-31Merge "Revert "Pause ubuntu-xenial image uploads""Zuul
2018-01-31Remove initialize-urandom from ubuntu-trustyPaul Belanger
2018-01-31Remove tripelo-test-cloud-rh1Paul Belanger
2018-01-31Disable tripleo-test-cloud-rh1 for nodepoolPaul Belanger
2018-01-30Revert "Pause ubuntu-xenial image uploads"Paul Belanger
2018-01-30Switch (back) ubuntu DIB to use AFS mirror in rackspacePaul Belanger
2018-01-30Pause ubuntu-xenial image uploadsJeremy Stanley
2018-01-25Remove infracloud-chocolate from nodepoolPaul Belanger
2018-01-18Minimize nodepool-builder configurationPaul Belanger
2018-01-18Migrate nodepool.yaml to new syntaxPaul Belanger
2018-01-12Add fedora 27 build and nodesIan Wienand