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better-together-puppet-and-ansibleConfigMgmtConf 2016 by Spencer Krum (nibalizer)Spencer Krum3 years
ci-automationTypo in doc about "git co {branch_name}"zouyee3 years
help-wantedUpdate help-wanted deck for Vancouver 2018David Moreau Simard10 months
help-wanted-howtoSmall updates to help wanted presentationClark Boylan17 months
infra-project-updateProject update for Berlin Summit 2018Clark Boylan4 months
jenkins-job-builderUpdates and new slidesKhai Do4 years
jjb-to-ansible-playbooksRevert "Jenkins Job Builder to Ansible Playbooks"Paul Belanger16 months
masterUpdate make-index for Zuul v3Andreas Jaeger17 months
overviewUpdates for Austin 2016Paul Belanger3 years
puppet-overviewTalk that gives an overview of -infra puppetSpencer Krum4 years
2014-dorscluc-overviewcommit 6af202be41...Jeremy Stanley5 years
2014-gerrit_user_summit-overviewcommit f1d0dfcfae...Jeremy Stanley5 years
2014-scale12x-sysadmin-codereviewcommit 2cd2de2436...James E. Blair5 years
2014-lca-zuulcommit c26745ff93...James E. Blair5 years
2013-balug-sysadmin-codereviewcommit 0a41f2569f...James E. Blair5 years
2014-lca-overviewcommit 5836370715...James E. Blair5 years
2013-lca-zuulcommit 8595a1618b...James E. Blair5 years
2011-uds_p-qacommit d2b4f60381...James E. Blair5 years
2011-uds_p-launchpadcommit 46a5d77b6b...James E. Blair5 years
2012-puppetconf-puppetcommit 790ea43b48...James E. Blair5 years
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2017-10-28Update make-index for Zuul v3HEADmasterAndreas Jaeger
2017-08-03Fix glossary URL, use httpsAndreas Jaeger
2017-01-26Fix https on infra publications index pageJeremy Stanley
2015-01-06Merge "Prettified all HTML files"Jenkins
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2014-03-24Add the publication url to root/README.rstAnita Kuno
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2013-09-03Handle lack of tags when running make-index.Clark Boylan