BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterFix selinux problems on vhostYolanda Robla Mota10 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2016-07-22Fix selinux problems on vhostHEADmasterYolanda Robla Mota
2016-07-20Revert "Fix selinux problems on vhost"Paul Belanger
2016-06-26Fix selinux problems on vhostYolanda Robla
2016-04-14Pin google-api-client; sanitize GemfileSpencer Krum
2016-03-21Order of the classes parameters is refactoredAndrey Nikitin
2016-03-01Add SSL Procotol and Cipher config to default vhostMonty Taylor
2015-11-03Merge "Fixes vhost and vhost::proxy on Precise."Jenkins
2015-10-21Merge "Enable SNI on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS"Jenkins
2015-10-21Enable SNI on Ubuntu 12.04 LTSJeremy Stanley
2015-10-20Fixes vhost and vhost::proxy on Precise.Bruno Tavares