BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterUpdate Gemfile for Zuulv3Colleen Murphy7 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2018-07-12Update Gemfile for Zuulv3HEADmasterColleen Murphy
2018-05-28Add content parameter to httpd::vhostColleen Murphy
2018-04-20Merge "Add bindep.txt file"Zuul
2018-02-22Allow access to docroot for proxy exclusionsJeremy Stanley
2017-08-18Depend on helper gem for spec_helper_acceptanceColleen Murphy
2017-06-11Stop testing mod-python in beakerColleen Murphy
2017-06-11Remove unnecessary beaker testsColleen Murphy
2017-06-11Parameterize the php mod package nameColleen Murphy
2017-06-11Update beaker setup for xenialColleen Murphy
2017-06-11Update GemfileColleen Murphy