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masterMerge "Move ansible log into directory"Zuul67 min.
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67 min.Merge "Move ansible log into directory"HEADmasterZuul
67 min.Merge "Remove restricted and multiverse from ubuntu servers"Zuul
67 min.Merge "Remove purge_apt_sources"Zuul
68 min.Merge "Use openstack and groups inventory from system-config"Zuul
69 min.Merge "Clean up puppet variables and playbooks"Zuul
71 min.Merge "Move /opt/system-config/production to /opt/system-config"Zuul
3 hoursMerge "Remove unneeded ssl cert expiry check"Zuul
3 hoursMove ansible log into directoryMonty Taylor
3 hoursMerge "Set mgmt_puppet_module_dir publically"Zuul
3 hoursMerge "Add base.yaml to"Zuul