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masterAdd node description to event dataJames E. Blair3 years
0.0.5commit 3ef6c4a112...James E. Blair3 years
0.0.4commit dd56aff16a...Spencer Krum3 years
0.0.3commit df9ee54284...Jeremy Stanley5 years
0.0.2commit 36ca349ad1...Clark Boylan6 years
0.0.1commit 41e07786b0...Clark Boylan6 years
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2016-04-13Add node description to event dataHEAD0.0.5masterJames E. Blair
2016-02-17Update links in pom.xml0.0.4Spencer Krum
2016-01-05Remove broken scm sectionAndreas Jaeger
2015-01-14Add additional loggingJonathan Harker
2014-11-11Switched documentation to point to storyboard.Michael Krotscheck
2014-03-06Update README with contributing info.Clark Boylan
2014-01-29Get master hostname from master computer object.0.0.3Clark Boylan
2014-01-24Include Jenkins host name / Code cleanupDavanum Srinivas
2013-08-13Include the node name0.0.2James E. Blair
2013-07-24Merge "setup a parameter for the plugin version"0.0.1Jenkins