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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2015-01-21Add "run" command and refactor grepDoug Hellmann
2014-11-27add grep commandDoug Hellmann
2014-11-12start the oslo file handlerDoug Hellmann
2014-11-12add command to show outdated requirements in projectsDoug Hellmann
2014-11-12provide a command to show global requirements not being used directlyDoug Hellmann
2014-11-06add requirements handlingDoug Hellmann
2014-10-30add 'discover' command to find projectsDoug Hellmann
2014-10-30add rescan commandDoug Hellmann
2014-10-30refactor add and define remove commandDoug Hellmann
2014-10-30store project name and pathDoug Hellmann
2014-10-30start command to add a projectDoug Hellmann
2014-10-30start cli frameworkDoug Hellmann
2014-10-27drop py26 env by defaultDoug Hellmann
2014-10-27Initial Cookiecutter Commit.Doug Hellmann