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masterDaily uplift except Drydock image/chartKaspars Skels24 hours
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24 hoursDaily uplift except Drydock image/chartHEADmasterKaspars Skels
25 hoursRevert drydock to known workingKaspars Skels
3 daysAdd label for ipmi passwordKaspars Skels
4 daysMerge "Latest versions uplift"Zuul
4 daysLatest versions upliftKaspars Skels
4 daysFix README to point to correct docsKaspars Skels
4 daysFix airship-seaworthy to support latest peglegKaspars Skels
4 daysRemove folder-based versioning from manifestsKaspars Skels
5 daysMerge "versions.yaml updater tool: verify that images & tags do exist"Zuul
5 daysUplift Airship charts to latest workingKaspars Skels