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masterImproved readmeDoug Chivers3 days
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0.1.0commit 27dfeb252c...Stanisław Pitucha18 months
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3 daysImproved readmeHEADmasterDoug Chivers
4 daysMerge "Adding bootstrap to docker container"Jenkins
4 daysAdding bootstrap to docker containerRobert Clark
4 daysCorrected readmeDoug Chivers
4 daysMerge "Remove link to modindex"Jenkins
4 daysMerge "Anchor can now be installed and invoked as simply "anchor""Jenkins
4 daysMerge "Enable DeprecationWarning in test environments"Jenkins
4 daysMerge "Remove references to Python 3.4"Jenkins
4 daysMerge "Typo fix: emited => emitted"Jenkins
4 daysMerge "Updated from global requirements"Jenkins