AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-11-07Merge "Add region to task output"HEADmasterZuul
2018-11-07Add region to task outputIan Wienand
2018-11-06Merge "Add the cloud name to more task details"Zuul
2018-11-07Add the cloud name to more task detailsIan Wienand
2018-09-06Don't use deprecated when jinja2 syntaxClark Boylan
2016-10-14Add quotas support for the cloud launcherRicardo Carrillo Cruz
2016-09-30Merge "Add user roles support for cloud launcher"Jenkins
2016-09-29Add user roles support for cloud launcherRicardo Carrillo Cruz
2016-09-29Merge "Add support for keystone roles"Jenkins
2016-09-29Pin Ansible version to Carrillo Cruz
2016-09-28Add support for keystone rolesRicardo Carrillo Cruz
2016-09-17Run cloud launcher with latest release candidateRicardo Carrillo Cruz
2016-09-13Merge "Revert "Pull shade from master on venv""Jenkins
2016-09-07Provide a human-readable output on role executionsRicardo Carrillo Cruz
2016-09-02Ability to run the launcher against a particular cloudRicardo Carrillo Cruz
2016-09-01Add ability to download an image from the Internet to upload it to GlanceRicardo Carrillo Cruz
2016-08-25Initial support for regionsPaul Belanger
2016-08-25Revert "Pull shade from master on venv"Ricardo Carrillo Cruz
2016-08-24Pin Ansible to to avoid loop_var being undefinedRicardo Carrillo Cruz
2016-07-20Add support for clustered serversRicardo Carrillo Cruz
2016-07-20Merge "Add created servers to cl_servers_just_created group"Jenkins
2016-07-20Add created servers to cl_servers_just_created groupRicardo Carrillo Cruz
2016-07-20Pull shade from master on venvRicardo Carrillo Cruz
2016-07-19Fix creation of servers with on-the-fly keypairsRicardo Carrillo Cruz
2016-07-19Refactor the per-cloud and per-profile codeRicardo Carrillo Cruz
2016-07-18Add post test hook functionRicardo Carrillo Cruz
2016-06-22Add ability to generate keypair on-the-flyRicardo Carrillo Cruz
2016-06-02Make tests to use libraries from tox venvRicardo Carrillo Cruz
2016-05-27Merge "Add tox.ini and tests playbooks"Jenkins
2016-05-27Merge "Do not loop profile resources on cloud without profiles defined"Jenkins
2016-05-27Merge "Remove .1 reference from loop"Jenkins
2016-05-27Remove .1 reference from loopRicardo Carrillo Cruz
2016-05-27Do not loop profile resources on cloud without profiles definedRicardo Carrillo Cruz
2016-05-27Fix per-cloud routers loopRicardo Carrillo Cruz
2016-05-27Add tox.ini and tests playbooksRicardo Carrillo Cruz
2016-05-26Merge "Add requirements.txt file for pip"Jenkins
2016-05-26Add requirements.txt file for pipRicardo Carrillo Cruz
2016-05-25Set both the hostname and ip address for servers
2016-05-24Add created servers to dynamic groupRicardo Carrillo Cruz
2016-05-16Make resources.yml profiles optionalRicardo Carrillo Cruz
2016-05-05Add test-requirements.txt for tox venvsRicardo Carrillo Cruz
2016-05-04Add doc folderRicardo Carrillo Cruz
2016-05-04Add .gitignoreRicardo Carrillo Cruz
2016-05-04Add and setup.cfgRicardo Carrillo Cruz
2016-05-04Switch README from markdown to rstRicardo Carrillo Cruz
2016-05-04Add Apache license fileRicardo Carrillo Cruz
2016-05-04Add .gitreview fileRicardo Carrillo Cruz
2016-04-29Add metadata to roleRicardo Carrillo Cruz
2016-04-25Fix example so is a code blockRicardo Carrillo Cruz
2016-04-25Use new loop_control/loop_var constructs from Ansible develRicardo Carrillo Cruz