AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-02-12Stop using the tripleoupstream namespaceHEADmasterDavid Moreau Simard
2018-02-09Add .gitreview fileDavid Moreau Simard
2018-01-29Bug fixesKiran Thyagaraja
2018-01-29Added NetApp Support and brought back serviceaccount to make OCP happyKiran Thyagaraja
2018-01-24Removed entry for ceph.client.keyring in the kolla config.json fileKiran Thyagaraja
2018-01-22Removed templates/rbd/ceph.client.cinder.keyring to use a secret insteadKiran Thyagaraja
2018-01-22Added ceph-client-cinder-keyring secret for RBD backend.Kiran Thyagaraja
2018-01-22Did away with the default service_account requirement. Will enforceKiran Thyagaraja
2018-01-20Added and fixed jinja template stuff in ceph backendKiran Thyagaraja
2018-01-20Changed ceph backend name to rbd to be consistent with tripleoKiran Thyagaraja
2018-01-19Fixed bugs and added jinja2 support for Ceph and cinder.confKiran Thyagaraja
2018-01-19Cleaned up and added jinja templating to cinder.confKiran Thyagaraja
2018-01-16Removed hard coded values xtremio backendKiran Thyagaraja
2017-10-19Purged of all k8s context stuffKiran Thyagaraja
2017-10-19Modified k8s deployment library name to k8s_apps_v1beta1_deploymentKiran Thyagaraja
2017-09-25Added support for Hiera to multiple backendsKiran Thyagaraja
2017-08-31changed cinder.conf to cinder.conf.j2Kiran Thyagaraja
2017-08-29Modified config_map values to all reference a single configmapKiran Thyagaraja
2017-08-29Added few schemasKiran Thyagaraja
2017-08-24Fully working Cinder. Needs hiera integration, coming next commit.Kiran Thyagaraja
2017-08-23Initial commit. Probably not working.Kiran Thyagaraja
2017-08-21Initial commitFlavio Percoco Premoli