AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-09-22import zuul job settings from project-configHEADmasterDoug Hellmann
2018-09-22Switch jobs to non-voting for nowAlex Schultz
2017-12-13Pass domain to user creationFlavio Percoco
2017-12-05Add tempest to glance roleFlavio Percoco
2017-12-04Add zuul fileFlavio Percoco
2017-10-19Rename/Update coe_* variablesFlavio Percoco
2017-10-19Update fileFlavio Percoco
2017-10-19Add gitreview in preparation for openstackFlavio Percoco
2017-09-20No need to have hiera_data_fileFlavio Percoco
2017-09-12add service_nameFlavio Percoco
2017-09-12Createdb jobFlavio Percoco
2017-09-12Small fixes to make it workFlavio Percoco
2017-08-30Use secrets for the login infoFlavio Percoco
2017-08-30Use a variable for the namespaceFlavio Percoco
2017-08-30Register keystone endpoints for glanceFlavio Percoco
2017-08-23Now glance worksFlavio Percoco
2017-08-22Erm, file not neededFlavio Percoco
2017-08-21Freaking extensionFlavio Percoco
2017-08-21glaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanceFlavio Percoco
2017-08-21update readmeFlavio Percoco
2017-08-21Initial commitFlavio Percoco Premoli